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"Battery Experts" displays the battery of your phone. Battery Experts is a small, stylish and elegant application, it will be your tracking your Android device current percentage of battery power.

With "Battery Experts", you can at any time anywhere your phone has enough power to play games, watch movies or browsing web.

Without any one of the applications like "Battery Experts" intuitive, clean, gorgeous interface and The "Battery Experts" of the user interface as simple as possible, but extremely practical.

We will constantly strive to improve "Battery Experts", adding new features in the near future, such as practical battery optimization techniques, battery voltage, battery temperature, and more features.

Product Features:
1, the management of large electricity, battery experts can manage the mobile phone network, the communication module, the screen brightness and high energy consumption is set to reduce the loss of power;
2,Monitor to run the program, battery experts through the monitoring and control of the foreground and background to run the program to reduce the useless power consumption;
3, battery information a comprehensive understanding of battery experts to help you accurately calculate the life time, Internet access, video calls, listen to music, standby time comprehensive statistics;
4, a key optimization, effective way to remove the program running in the background;
5, the use of scenarios, can reduce the power consumption at any time;
6,Desktop widgets without opening the program to be able to control power;
7, suspended handy shortcut buttons that allow you to quickly turn on or off the system utility functions.

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