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Battery Reporter
Battery can be considered as the heart of a phone. It can be said that
how long your phone will be used and maintained depends much on its
battery. Imagine, what would be like if a man lose his heart? He must be
doomed to die, so does the phone. Frankly speaking, no one can prevent
the battery to be old and will complete its mission as our human will
become old and die in the end, which is the law of nature. For the law
of nature, any one can not do any thing to fight against but to follow
it. Because if one is really against it, he will be punished by the
nature in the end. Does that mean we can do nothing to improve the
condition of the battery and reach the aim to protect our phone and
maintain its service life a little longer? No, of course we can do a lot
of things to prevent its being old. Battery reporter is an app, which
can indicate the condition of the your phone battery in detail and will
warn you to give more attention to your phone.
This app is free for all who love his or her phone and would like to
make actions to keep its battery in a rather good condition.
The functions and features:
1. Need to add this small widget to the desktop of your phone. Click
"menu",Widget, Battery Reporter and the it will display in the desktop
for you to check the conditions of your battery. Is it easy to install?
Believe me that every one can do it with no difficulty.
2. The icon is like a small guard with the left battery level. Hit the
icon, it will some information of the battery in detail. For example,
Battery Status(charged or not|), Battery usage: 100% or other numbers in
percent, Battery health(Good or not very good or others),
Temperature(40), Voltage(4126mv) and technology. These several parts can
give you a good show of your battery, such as whether the temperature
is too high or not, whether the voltage should be lower or not and
whether this condition is proper or it will do harm to the battery.
According to the condition, you can have a reasonable mind to your phone
battery and try to do something to protect it.
3. If you feel this app is useful, you can support us with marking five
stars and share it with a friend or relative. We are working hard to
meet your need to the most.
Do you enjoy it? If you enjoy it, get the full version. Wish you have a rather good and wonderful user experience.

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