Battery Solo Widget


Battery Solo Widget's review

A handy widget for determining your battery life and temperature

  • It's convenient
  • Basically reliable
  • For widget lovers
  • Huge widget
  • Poor graphics overlay
  • Froze once

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"Keep Tabs On Your Battery"


Battery Solo Widget wants you to know how much life you've got left in your battery. It provides you with an accurate percentage and graphs and charts so that you can chart the course of your battery history. Temperature readings are also on offer.


The convenience of checking your battery life anywhere, anytime. It's simple, basic, and generally reliable. It offers complete functionality without the fuss. If you love customizing your device with various widgets, the Battery Solo Widget is one.


For some reason the Battery Solo Widget user interface looks sort of choppy. They may need a better graphics overlay. It seemed to freeze once on the battery level. The widget might be too large for some people.

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by William

Oct 01, 2015

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