Battery Status



Battery life is an excellent widget that shows you the true animated battery level currently on the device. Battery pro show almost everything you would ever need to know about your battery.

See the amazing amount of information the battery pro can show.
features and specifications
* Shows real - time battery life left
* Displays complete battery information
         - Voltage
         - Temperature
         - Technology
         - Time since boot up
         - Battery Health
         - Battery Condition (good, Bad, issue)
         - Charging Method and Status

* Complete battery usage detail
         - Displayed complete battery usage detail.
* Complete battery history information
         - CPU
         - Network
         - GPS
         - Sensor
         - Partial wake
         - Other
* Complete statistics information
         - Application usage content
         - System milliseconds display
• No ads
• real time battery information shown.
• animated battery level.
• 3 colors to choose from.
• can launch other items.

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