BatteryMax battery saver



BatteryMax is an application that optimizes the usage of your mobile resources in order to save the battery as much as possible.

BatteryMax gives you a report about the following information:

- Battery status.
- Battery health.
- Technology used.
- Capacity.
- Battery voltage.
- Battery temperature.
- AC power.
- USB status.
- Uptime.
- CPU frequency.
- Number of CPU cores.
- Disk usage and availability.

Additionaly, BatteryMax allows you to change the most important settings that affect to the battery consumption:
- Wifi.
- Bluetooth.
- GPS.

Finally, BatteryMax gives the list of processes running in your mobile device. You can see the CPU and memory that they consume. You can also kill any process that are damaging your battery.

BatteryMax is the best doctor for your battery !

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