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BeautyQR helps you to make custom QR Codes! This means that you can create QR codes that looks like no other. You determine the size, color, style (back and foreground), framing, theme and the images or logo that you want to integrate with the QR code.

Your customized QR Code will look ever more interesting as the image or logo will give mobile users a rough idea about the meaning of the code.

The main reason why some people do not scan QR Codes is uncertainty. If you have a customized and stylish code with a logo or an interesting picture that illustrates what the QR code is about, then people are more willing to scan your code.

Use BeautyQR to generate custom QR codes instantly. Just enter text or URL and design your QR code.

BeautyQR allows you to freely share your generated QR code images with your friends through email, text message, Facebook, Dropbox, twitter and more!

BeautyQR creates QR codes from any app you have installed, e.g. a website URL that you want to send to a friend. To keep the QR code simple
BeautyQR uses an URL shortener service to shorten long URLs.

You can encode your GPS location, email address, phone number, SMS message as well as the configuration of your WiFi access point into a QR code. The latter allows Android users to connect to WiFi by just scanning your QR code.

BeautyQR has an unique feature - it makes sure that the generated QR code is valid and decodeable.

This QR code creator is easy to use!

- Encode any message (URL, SMS, geographic location from GPS, telephone number, WiFi configuration, contact information, business card)
- Receive text message to be encoded from other apps (browser, email client, ...)
- 100% free particularly designed styles, shapes, background images and filters
- Embed an image into your QR code and manipulate its size and location
- Surround your QR code with a frame (e.g. post stamp)
- Select a texture or color for the background of your QR code
- Design the foreground by selecting from multiple shape style
- Add special effects to your created QR code
- Save your designed and personalized QR code on your mobile phone (jpg-file) or share it with others via Facebook, twitter, email, ...
- The generated QR code is checked at runtime for validity
- URL shortener (Google) is used to handle long URLs
- Import QR codes directly from other external QR code generators
- And much more ...

Feel free to ask for additional features. We will do our best to implement them.

BeautyQR is a free app!

We respect your privacy 100%. Our application does not collect or analyze any data stored on your device.

Q: Why do we need internet access? A: Required for Google services (URL shortener + analytics). Furthermore, is is required for using our cloud rendering service. We do not transmit and/or save any personal data!
Q: Why do we need storage access? A: All exported QR code are stored locally onto your device.
Q: Why do we need access to your location? A: This is required if you want to encode your current geographic position using GPS into the QR code.
Q: Why do we need access to your contacts? A: This is required to seamlessly export your contacts into a QR code.

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