Close the curtains dim the lights and adjust the music, all with a single tap on your Android device. Requires a home automation system and a Bang & Olufsen Master Link Gateway, see

Bang & Olufsen’s BeoLink system offers you control of all systems of modern homes; audio, video, lighting, curtains etc. The simple and intuitive BeoLink application for Android puts all this power in your pocket.

A simple swipe with your finger changes the channel or raises the volume, without even looking away from the TV screen.

A quick tap and the mood of the room changes completely, including lighting, temperature, music and more.

- Discovers Master Link Gateway units automatically, and downloads your home configurations.
- Automatically generates the screens to match your home set-up.
- Demo mode to preview the app interface.
- Finger gestures: control your home without looking at the phone screen.
- Automation scenes: completely change the mood of a room, or of the whole house.
- Supports multiple homes and multiple user profiles.

- Android version 2.2 or 2.3
- Medium or high density display (minimum size 320x480)
- Bang & Olufsen products connected via the BeoLink system.
- Bang & Olufsen Master Link Gateway in the same network as your Android device.
- Only works via local wireless network. 3G access is not supported.

Please contact your Bang & Olufsen retailer for details on installation and compatibility.

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