Bible Reading Schedule



Bible Reading Schedule
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This little application helps Jehovah's Witnesses and others to read the Bible.

You can read the Bible in a year's time in four different ways:

- Traditional: Read the Bible in the order in which the books appear. You can start with the Hebrew Scriptures or the Greek.

- Completed: Read the Bible in the order in which the books were completed.

- Chronology: Read the Bible in the order in which events occurred.

- Theme: Read the Bible starting with the topics you choose.

Maybe you prefer read short Bible stories in two weeks like:

- TWo weeks on the life and teachings of Jesus.
- Two weeks on the women of the Bible.
- Two weeks on God and Nature.

...and much more!

Perhaps read the whole Bible in a year's time is very hard for you. Now you can customize your own schedule with the date range you choose.
You will be able to read the Bible in 6 months, 18 months, 3 years, 5 years,... It's easy! Just choose when the schedule starts and when the schedule ends.

You can keep track of your readings and see how is your progress. Now widgets can be added to your homescreen.

May start today to read daily the Word of Jehovah, the Bible.

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