Binoculars turns your Phone into Binoculars and ability to zoom in and zoom out to target your view in Binoculars. The first phone based Binoculars with ability to select multiple Binocular Styles.

Binoculars Styles offer a wide range of Binoculars. You can pick the Binoculars of your choice to view distant objects and zoom in on them. Works great as a Telescope to view something at a long distance.

Great Tool to view something at distance. Great Binocular Goggles always in your pocket.

Using moon and Sun buttons, Binoculars can be turned into night vision goggles and back into Binoculars again. Night vision provides a great way to look at things through Binoculars during night or in Dark.

Best Binocular and Night Vision Goggles for everyday use. Watch what is faraway in close up with Binoculars and Watch Night time events even in dark with Night Vision Goggles.

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