BlackouT Donate Edition



This screen brightness dimmer dims the phone or tablet for use in theaters, bedrooms, wherever your phone is too bright.

This is the donate version, which doesn't have the BlackouT watermarks on the sides of the screen.

Now has a boot receiver to apply the same dimming on boot.

Failsafe: Use the volume keys to raise or lower the brightness while the app is open. Only while the app is on the screen.

Failsafe: Set boot receiver to launch the service 5 minutes after boot. This should be more than enough time to get in an reset the settings.

Failsafe: Set set to automatically dim, therefore if you set too low of a value, shine a flashlight at the phone and it should brighten enough to reset it.

Added failsafe in case the user doesn't have a light sensor.

Also added a current brightness seekbar (slider), and a dimming trigger level seekbar.

Please see screenshots and video.

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