Blank Map Drawer



This is a tool for drawing blank map to notes etc.
Draw a blank map trace the line will be displayed on the camera preview map of the phone.

Note: To draw an accurate map can not be due to camera shake. Please use as an auxiliary tool only.
If you want to draw a more accurate map, please use a tripod for a smartphone.

1. Select the image you want to draw at the top screen.
2. Touch setting button, and then to the image configuration mode.
3. To determine the position and size of the displayed image. Position to move the slide, and then adjust the size is pinch in / out.
OK or Back button to return to the camera view Once you have determined.
4. The draw is completed to the selected image such as a notebook trace the lines that are displayed on the camera preview.
* During the preview camera will auto focus with the touch of a screen.

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