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BatteryLifeBar is an application which displays battery residual quantity.

Have not you thought that residual quantity is unclear in the standard battery icon?
Since battery residual quantity is displayed with the bar of screen width (or height) in BatteryLifeBar, residual quantity is intelligible.
Although a bar has length, since it is thin, it is not interfered.
Moreover, since a bar changes a color according to battery residual quantity, residual quantity understands it intuitively.
If there are fault and a request, even a developer needs to inform.

The advertisement is attached to the free version.
Since it is required in order to continue development, please cooperate.
Moreover, although the following permission is unnecessary on the functional target of an application, since it is required of an advertising display, I have given.
Soon, the charged version which can customize various preset values is due to be exhibited.

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