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    'Block Calls' blocks unwanted calls and protects your privacy. Now with better developed features, you don’t have to worry about privacy leakage. This Pro Version is Ads free


    - Your Personal Black List
    - Public Black List. Your calls will be filtered from numbers blocked by many other users. You don't need to block them all !!! We categorize and maintain black lists and put frequently blocked numbers in Public Black List.
    - Block unwanted calls (Reject calls with an auto-SMS reply or reject calls silently)
    - Set Daily Time Period for blocking Calls
    - You can view blocked Calls List anytime afterwords
    - Backup / Restore your Black List in cloud space
    - Very easy to operate application with very simple interface.

    To block unwanted calls is easy now
    You have two options :
    1. Block Calls silently
    2. Block Calls and respond with a message to the caller automatically.

    Auto Response Setting:
    Response can be set different for every blocked number or can be selected from your already saved message templates.
    Otherwise you may select to send only a fixed message templates set by you.

    Top Spam database (Global) :
    - You can enable / disable use of this Public Black List of spammers
    - It contains numbers of Spam Callers from many countries.
    - It has been categorized for Marketing Calls, Insurance, Credit Cards
    - You can enable or disable any of these categories.

    Tested on devices:
    - Samsung Galaxy Pop
    - Samsung Galaxy S3
    - Samsung Galaxy S2
    - Samsung Galaxy Ace
    - Samsung Galaxy Fit
    - Sony XPERIA Arc
    - HTC Tattoo
    - Karbon

    Developed by : Star Infosoft

    Note : Installing other call/text blocking apps such as: Call Blocker, Easy Filer Call Blocker & SMS, Call Filter, Mr. Number, Call Control, Truecaller, WhosCall, Phone Spam Blocker, Phone Number & Caller Location, PrivacyStar or Blacklist on your phone with this app together may make your phone unstable or cause potential conflict.

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