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Blue Pad App converts your phone into a computer mouse pad, via a Bluetooth connection.

- Increase Pad Sensivity Steps.
- Selectable Pad Color.
- Hide tips area when tips are not shown (increases pad area)

Features in a glance:
- Phone touch screen works as a mouse touch pad.
- Conventional pad functions such as zoom, text scroll pad click and double click can be achieved in same manner as in a normal pad.
- Integrated keyboard, allowing to type text on any text editor or browser
- Quick browser zooming buttons (also works in PDF file reader)
- Sizable Mouse pad buttons.
- Adjustable mouse pad sensivity.

Full Description:
Mouse movements are achieved by moving finger along touch screen. Click and double click on the pad area also act as left mouse correspondent clicks.
Pad contains a scroll area on the right side, which allows users to scrolls text pages up and down.
Computer mouse pointer moving speed is adjustable: use volume keys to enable faster/slower mouse move when using the touch pad!

Web browser sites can now be zoom in and zoom out.
This functionality is available by means of controls, as well as by using the conventional touch pad two finger movement approach.
Zoom functionality works as well in any software that accepts zoom functions (for instance, PDF readers).

This App also features a remote keyboard, allowing thus full control over your computer remotely! You can edit a Microsoft Word document, key in text in a web browser, etc.

In order to establish communication between your android phone and your computer, Blue Server software has to be downloaded and installed in your computer.

Blue server is free of charge, and can be downloaded from:

Blue Server embraces a set of (currently) seven Apps available in the market. All Apps intend to give android users full control over windows OS controls and software, namely keyboard and mouse control, webbrowsing, powerpoint, media player and print screen functions.

For more information on other blue server apps, please refer to blue server guide, also available for downloaded at the below mentioned web site:

Save money buying Blue Server Utility App. This App is a all-in-one utility, containing all blue apps at a very attractive pricing

Note: As for trial version, some features will be disabled.

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