Blue Server Utility



Need to control your Windows OS computer remotely?

Blue Server Utility offers, via a wireless Bluetooth connection, a powerful tool to remotely control a Windows OS computer, taking control over functions such as keyboard and mouse. The functionalities extend to software control: Powerpoint presentations and Windows Media Player can be controlled remotely with your phone!
It also include a remote screen capture tool, a baby monitor device and web browsing keyboard utility.

Blue Server Utility is a set of seven different applications, each of them targeting a specific control unit within your Windows OS. Please check full list at:
All apps are sold individually, and have a demo version available for trial. It is strongly recommended to try out demo versions before purchase PRO versions.
Blue Server Utility includes all (seven) Blue Server Apps, and it is a worth choice for users interested in two or more apps.

In order to establish communication between your android phone and your computer, Blue Server software has to be downloaded and installed in your computer. 

Blue server is free of charge, and can be downloaded from:

App Demo videos:

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