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BlueID – your digital key – turns your Android smartphone into a digital key. The app enables the control of BlueID products via mobile phone. Open and close doors, gates and barriers etc. with your Android smartphone! The use of a BlueID module enables secure, keyless entry as well as locking and unlocking of shared objects.

*** Note: In order to use BlueID you need the app AND a valid BlueID ticket. To try BlueID for free, visit! ***

This version of BlueID – your digital key – is compatible with the following products:

* BlueID Drive – Open, close and start cars, e-bikes, scooters and other vehicles via smartphone – e. g. carsharing, rental car and corporate fleet vehicles
Product website:

* BlueID Access for HomeMatic – Home automation via smartphone
Product website:

* Knurr @Lock BlueID – Physical server rack access via smartphone
Product website:

* BlueID Access Indoor – The smartphone as office key
* BlueID Access Outdoor – Open parking barriers via smartphone
* BlueID Access Appliance – Physical server rack access via smartphone
* BlueID Rail Module – Authorized switching via smartphone
* BlueID Login for Windows – PC login via smartphone


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About BlueID

Patented BlueID technology from baimos technologies turns the smartphone into a key. BlueID enables the use of smartphones for user identification and secure control of physical objects. In sharing scenarios, the technology enables sharing of things like vehicles and gated parking space. The BlueID Software Development Kit (SDK) is used to integrate BlueID into existing smartphone apps.

BlueID Access enables the user to control barriers, doors and other physical objects via smartphone.

BlueID Drive is the car key on your smartphone. It is developed by baimos technologies in cooperation with automotive supplier Marquardt.

BlueID technology enables worldwide, digital distribution of access permissions to smartphones via a trust center infrastructure. For communication, mobile Internet as well as technologies such as Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, NFC, RFID and OSGi are used. Therefore, BlueID is the modern control system for all sharing scenarios on the basis of smartphone apps.

Further information on BlueID is available at


About baimos technologies gmbh

baimos technologies is the company behind award-winning BlueID technology – the digital key ring for your smartphone.

Innovative products of baimos technologies enable the use of smartphones in identification, access control, authentication, secure command execution as well as in sharing of jointly used objects by smartphone. BlueID technology integrates seamlessly into apps, back-end systems and existing hardware. Solutions of baimos technologies are known to be simple, smart and secure.

The mobility sector has relied on security technology from baimos technologies since 2006. Service providers and operators of mobility services like carsharing, car rental and parking solutions use technology from baimos technologies to seamlessly integrate the smartphones of their customers into their own systems. That way they are able to significantly improve both user experience and their business model.

The award-winning company cooperates with partners such as Marquardt, Emerson Network Power, eQ-3/ELV, Microsoft and noris network. The client base includes customers such as Audi, Daimler, Sixt, MobydoM and LMU Munich.

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