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IMPORTANT: You need to download the NEW version of the extra files. More than just this app are needed. Go to the bottom to download the rest.

This app is capable of controlling certain functions of your computer through Bluetooth Communication. It can control iTunes, PowerPoint Presentations, Picture Viewers, etc.
Great for when you have a computer hooked up to a sound system, but you want to change the song from wherever you are around the house.

Also great for switching between slides during a PowerPoint presentation. You no longer have to walk over to the computer to switch slides, or deal with the projector's remote spazzing out.

NOTES: A Bluetooth server, included in the link provided, must be run on the computer. MAKE SURE TO READ THE "README" FILE INCLUDED. Also, app is optimized for LG Ally, please bear with me if it does not function correctly on your device. Tablets will likely have small buttons, as it is optimized for small screens.


It may say the file isn't downloaded much and could be dangerous, I promise it's not. It's just a harmless *.ZIP file with the other files inside. I'm not smart enough to make something that's "dangerous!"

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