Bluetooth Driver on Motion



Control Bluetooth in a car automatically by speed. This free app Bluetooth Driver on Motion supports to turn on/off Bluetooth according to speed you set.

Fast available to service
Start on boot or not
Set speed required to enable
Select car locator beta
Enable create notification or not
Set location frequency in seconds (0 for all events)
Set location frequency in meters
Reset to default values if you need

1. Are you tired of turning on/off headsets manually in a car?
2. Do you want to be hands-free in the process of driving?
3. This free app Bluetooth Driver on Motion can help you out of troublesome. It will support to enable/disable Bluetooth according to your current speed.

1. It provides a seamless experience for Bluetooth use in the car, better than Bluetooth toggle widgets because it acts as a set and forget solution.
2. Within a few minutes of starting your journey your Bluetooth radio will automatically enable it and connect to any Bluetooth devices that are paired to your device.
3. A great solution to saving power on your phone, as it will automatically disconnect at the conclusion of your journey.

This free app Bluetooth Driver on Motion allows controlling your Bluetooth headset for free. Come to download it for free now!
Go to uncheck this app in ¡®DEVICE ADMINSTRATION¡± of ¡°LOCATION AND SECURITY¡± and you can uninstall this app here.

Desktop devices using Bluetooth technology could be available. With a base station that connects via cables to the fixed-line telephone and also the computer via soundcard, users with any Bluetooth headset might pair their headset to the base station, enabling them to use the same headset for both fixed-line telephone and computer VoIP communication. This type of device, when used together with a multiple-point Bluetooth headset, can enable a single Bluetooth headset to communicate with a computer and both mobile and landline telephones.

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