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Bluetooth Pair is a home screen widget that enables or disables Bluetooth profiles on your Android device. Bluetooth Pair works with two profiles found on most Android devices, the A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and the HSHFP (Headset/Hands-free Profile).

How to use Bluetooth Pair? Simple, make sure your Android device can handle at least one of those mentioned Bluetooth profiles (A2DP or/and HSHFP), go to "Bluetooth Settings" ("Settings" -> "Wireless & networks" -> "Bluetooth Setting" or "Settings" -> "Bluetooth"). Pair with the desired device (a car audio system for example) and make sure you can enable or disable the Bluetooth profiles. The way this is done varies from device to device, see your owners manual.

Ok, so you can handle at least one Bluetooth profile and your Android device is configured and working to pair with your desired Bluetooth device. Now do a long touch on your home screen to choose the widget and then select Bluetooth Pair, select a Bluetooth Profile, select a paired Bluetooth device and that's it. An icon with the name of your device will appear on the home screen. When the profile is turned on the icon will be colorful otherwise black & white. Toggle on/off the Bluetooth profile by touching on the widget. You can have many Bluetooth Pair widgets on your home screen.

- Make sure your device can handle at least one of those mentioned Bluetooth profiles.
- Some devices may require at least once a PIN number to get paired, when that happens an input PIN screen will appear.
- The widget has been tested on Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich using phones from Samsung, Sony and Motorola.

In case of bugs, questions or requests please send me an e-mail.

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