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Group Scan is an ads-free Bluetooth Scanner application that allows not only discovering new Bluetooth devices but also tracking previously discovered devices arranged in groups such as Boss, Friends, Family, Robot etc. The user can enable device discovery alert to notify by vibration or sound if there is a new device in range in the specific group. There is also option to filter devices by Bluetooth device class. To be discovered, Bluetooth device must be in discoverable mode.

If you found a bug or have a suggestion on how to improve the app - feel free to e-mail to the developer.

Q. How to start using the app?
A. Open. Add some new groups. Start Bluetooth discovery scan. Go inside Unknown group and long press on newly discovered device to move to the desired group. Once you are familiar with the navigation, go to Settings to set filtering and discovery alert options. You can long press on the group to enable or disable discovery alert.

Q. Does it scan continuously?
A. Yes, but there is a Bluetooth discovery cycle. For the details refer to the status line.

Q. Does it drain battery?
A. Yes, Bluetooth discovery is a power consuming operation.

Q. Does the app contain annoying ads?
A. No. It is absolutely ads free.

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