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Brightest Flashlight Free uses your device camera LED as a lantern and enlight the screen

  • Screen and camera LED bright at maximum
  • Supported for the most of the devices with camera LED
  • No extra features: widgets, light colors...
  • Some Android devices include a default app like this one

"Make your Android bright at maximum"

Brightest Flashlight is an app that adds a new functionality to our Android: it turns it into a lamp. It uses the LED camera to do it. So, it's useless for those devices with no camera flash (Samsung Galaxy S among others). It supports though a wide range of devices with camera led/flash.

Unlike other similar apps, this one hasn't different widgets and torch themes. It's simple but does what it says. It has to be said that this one is really bright. And this is probably its main strength. The problem is that some devices with camera LED, have a default app like this one.

Brightest Flashlight has been developed by Goldenshores Technologies, LLC. a promising developer based on light and color performance in Android.

So if you camera has a LED and you don't have installed an app like this, you will find it useful and attractive for its variety of lights and widgets, otherwise it's something that you don't even should take into account.

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