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Best Camera Flashlight on the ANDROID MARKET!

The Brightest Android Flashlight App works using your camera flash and with a simple push, instantly illuminates your world.
Are you afraid of the dark? Don’t like darkness? Get it now for $ FREE 0.00!

The Flashlight allows for your Camera's flash device to become a flashlight! This app also provides alternative ways to illuminate your world with a bright white screen. The user interface is simple and easy to use.

* Camera Flash LED at Maximum
* Turns on all available lights on the device
* Camera Flash LED at Maximum
* Screen at Bright Maximum
* Keyboard Backlight at Maximum
* Soft Keys Backlight at Maximum
* Best Flashlight App for dark conditions, natural LED color provides great contrast

- Unbelievable brightness
- Widget Support!Faster start-up
- Elegant design
- Strobe with speed control
- Illuminate your night
- Turn on the LED flash on the back of your devices
- The brightest illuminator ever.
- Fastest startup.
- Elegant design.
- Strobe mode with sensitive frequency controller.
- Use the cam LED light.

Flashlight test device:
Motorola DroidX Flashlight Samsung Galaxy S Flashlight Motorola Droid2 Flashlight Samsung Fascinate Flashlight Samsung Epic 4G Flashlight Motorola Droid Flashlight Motorola Defy Flashlight T-Mobile G2 Flashlight LG Optimus Flashlight LG Ally Flashight Samsung Galaxy Note Flashlight HTC ONE NEXUS 7 FHD

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