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Android's "Auto Brightness" feature seems useful enough, but on most phones it drains more battery than the function is worth. I don't like useless things using up my battery, so I created the Ultimate Brightness with Voice app for android.

This application is simple but great to have! Simply place the icon on your homescreen. When you tap the icon, a quick slider pops up to adjust brightness.

There is also an option to turn voice on or off. If on, your phone will announce the brightness level. This is a great feature for making your friends jealous of your awesome friendly robot phone. (I keep mine off personally, but I thought it was a fun feature to throw in the mix)

The voice is controlled by your media volume.

**I also love hearing feature requests or suggestions. I'll check the comments here, and you can also send over an email via the link on this page as well.**

Keywords: brightness, adjuster, slider, quick, setting, percent, voice speak, AI, speaking phone, screen, BRIGHT.

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