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Browser Player is free media player which not only can play videos, but also can allow you to browse your files in your mobile phone.
This player can let you get a good experience of videos. Its operation is very simple so that you can enjoy a movie and adjust this movie easily.
Now let me tell you its main features.
1. When you open this video player, you will see that files and folders are listed on the screen. You touch them and they will open so that you can use this way to browse all the files in your mobile phone.
2. The most important point of this player is its playing functions. Let us talk about it in detail. You must want to know how to enjoy a movie, right? It is very easy and you just touch the movie you want to watch and then it will be played.
3. When you enjoy a movie, you need to do some settings to get the best enjoyment. If you
want to adjust the volume, your finger just slides up and down on the right
side of the screen. If you need to adjust the brightness, your finger just
slides up and down on the left side of the screen.
4. When you
touch the screen, a time line will appear and you can touch it to choose the
time of the screen. You also can pause or continue the movie.
5. Some videos’ resolution
is low so that using a smaller size to enjoy them will be better. This player
can let you to adjust the size of the screen. You just touch the screen two
times constantly, then the size will change automatically.
6. This player
may has disadvantage, so if you have any good advice, please let me know. If
you would like to support this player, please give it five stars.
Browser Player
is a player which can play videos and let you browse files. This is a design
which other movie players don’t have.
Browser Player
is a free media player which can let you use it without paying money. I hope
that this player can let you get a good enjoyment when you watch a movie.----------------------------------------
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