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BTmono converts the stereo signal on your Android device to mono. You'll be able to connect your Bluetooth headphones.

  • Listen to mono-formatted music via Bluetooth
  • Doesn't work with some older versions of Android
  • Includes ads

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"Listen to music with your Bluetooth headphones!"


With Android, the option to listen to music via a Bluetooth connection used to be impossible if it wasn't in stereo format. Now, thanks to this app, you can once again make use of your Bluetooth headphones (which have the peculiarity of not being able to emit sound in stereo). How does the app work and why is it useful?


To start to enjoy the benefits of BT Mono, just install the app and run it. What the system does is convert the signal of both stereo audio channels into just one mono channel. In this way, you'll get sound coming from your headphones in no time. Connect the Bluetooth headphones to the phone via the 3.5mm connection and tap the 'on' button. When the robot appears green, the system is operational. You can deactivate it easily, just by pressing 'off'. If you want, you can control the volume from the very same app.


The app is basic, but works well. Having said that, some older versions of Android may not work or respond as they should. The app comes with ads, although there isn't an excessive amount.

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by Cecília

May 27, 2015

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