Buffpuffer Battery Widget



Buffpuffer Battery Widget is a sophisticated app for monitor and manage the battery of your Android device. You'll love the slick user interface, elegant design and extraordinary features.

= App Features =
Onscreen Widget
✓ Displays battery level in percent (%)
✓ Circle battery level indicator
Battery Information Panel
✓ Quick overview panel with essential battery information
✓ Prediction (estimation) how long battery lasts
Status Bar Notification
✓ Shows essential battery information in the notification
✓ Displays battery level (percentage) on the status bar with pure Android design icon
Charging and Discharging Char
✓ Up to 8 hours charging and discharging history diagram.
Setting shortcuts and Toggles
✓ WIFI on/off toggle and setting shortcut.
✓ Bluetooth on/off toggle and setting shortcut.
✓ Brightness off/low/high/auto toggle and setting shortcut
✓ GPS setting shortcut.

= Questions? Comments? Need help? =
email: service@mojopot.com
twitter: @buffpuffer

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