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Monitor the state of the build on your wrist. With BuildWatch, you know when to return to your desk. When your build is ready, your wrist will vibrate and show you the status of the current build. If you don't have a Sony SmartWatch™ or don't have it connected currently, it will show an Android notification.

Currently it does not do too much - we want to see how many people actually use Jenkins & own a SmartWatch & are interested in something like this.

This works with the Open Source Continuous Integration server Jenkins ( and uses Google Cloud Messaging, so you'll need the Jenkins GCM Notification plugin. As the setup is quite involved we created a website & tutorial videos to get you started. Please check

Have fun with BuildWatch! And by the way - it is open source, so if you want to add features you can do it yourself and send a pull request or get in touch via email or GitHub. The source code is available @

LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch
LiveWare™ extension for Smart Wireless Headset pro

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