busybox X+



busybox X+ is a fast and simple busybox binary installer

This is the equivalent of Allo or Due in the messaging world with regard to Busybox Installers!

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+ Simple and straight forward design - press Install button once and forget

+ We have ported busybox to Android x86, ARM and MIPS

+ This App is an easy to use installer for those busybox ports

+ Needs SuperUser/root permissions to install

- 2.5 years on Google Play - among the first 3 original Busybox Installer Apps
- This App is loved by 115 people like you, 434 people have even shared on G+
- The free version of this App is used by over 230k people and loved by 3840, 1500 G+ shares
- We love our users - consider buying if you feel its worth the while - thanks for all the support so far!

- This App Contains Busybox from the Busybox project (http://busybox.net)
- Open Source Licenses: BusyBox is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 2.
- Sources: http://busybox.net/downloads/

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These promo codes are meant for folks who are badly in need of a busybox app but can't or are unable to buy. They work only one time and are valid from 17 Jan to 31st Jan. Please do not waste them as there may be folks who need it badly.

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