By Motion Answer a Call



★★★ Answer a call By Motion ★★★
You can answer calls by hand motion(proximity sensor) and by shaking a phone(accelerometer).

By Hand Motion : Approach your hand to a proximity sensor within 5cm to answer incoming calls and hang up without Touch.

By Shake : Answer a call and Hang up by shaking your phone.
※Smart, Quick, Easy Answering calls

★★★ Main Function ★★★
1.Answer a call by proximity sensor : answer a call without touch the screen or phone
2.Hang up by proximity sensor
3.Answer a call by shaking a phone
4.Hang up by shaking a phone : only when screen is on
5.Turn over shortcut during a call : smart functions available during a call (memo / notepad, contacts, SMS, map, calendar, googling, etc)
6.Open notepad
7.Turn over to mute incoming calls
8.Flash when ringing (bell) : The camera flash will glitter when your phone is ringing.
9.Automatic in-call volume control : set initial ear-speaker volume
10.Speaker on : when you answer a call by hand motion (proximity sensor) the speaker is on spontaneously
11.Auto speaker on : Automatically speaker on/off according to the distance from ear
12.Speakerphone volume control : set initial speakerphone volume
13.Using 2nd motion recognition(proximity sensor) while a phone is moving reduce possibilities that you answer calls by mistake
14.Use moving mode : always use proximity sensor(if you want to answer a call by proximity sensor when your phone is on the fixed table, do not check)

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