Cable Calculator



Cable Calculator
Calculate cable sizes by selecting from the pre set options, fast and easy.

Cable Size Calculator calculates circuit cable sizes for PVC/PVC Flat twin and earth cables for all common domestic installation methods.

Great for designing new circuits or for checking existing circuits for compliances.

+ PVC/PVC Flat twin & earth cable sizes
+ Calculates Maximum Permitted Zs
+ Checks the Maximum Permitted Zs value with the calculated Zs value.
+ Calculates r1 + r2
+ Calculates Volt Drop
+ Checks the calculated Volt Drop against the Maximum permitted Volt Drop
+ Calculates the tabulated current (It)

Also Applies any relevant correction factors depending on your selections i.e. Thermal Insulation (Ci), BS 3036 Fuses (Cc), Grouping (Cg), Ambient Temperature (Ci) automatically.

A simple and easy to use electrical cable calculator app for the domestic installer or professional electrician, Chief, Foreman, electrical engineer, estimater, designer...

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