This Application is designed to assist
the user, whilst using The IEE regs (BS7671)
to determin correct cable size.

This Application eliminates the need to remember
any complicated formulas.
Will work through a calculation as laid out
in Appendix 4 of BS7671 IEE Regs.

Reference to Regs is still required, to enter
certain values such as Max Zs for protective device,
Volt drop for cable type / size etc.

This Application is a great tool for students
who need to learn the correct way to calculate
correct cable size for a new circuit / installation.

For Copper Cables up to 1000mm

Calculates Volt Drop,
Earth fault Loop Impedance (Zs),
Minimum required CPC Size,
Design Current / Power,
R1 + R2 etc.

All required formulas for completing
a cable calculation.

Application runs through a cable calc,
step by step as laid out in
Appendix 4 of BS 7671.
There is a Help File in each section,
to assist you with selecting correct
correction factors etc.
Will guide you to the correct
Tables / charts etc in BS7671,
Making refering to regs quick and easy!

This makes this app ideal for students
currently taking City and Guilds 2382,
2391 & 2330.

Also an excellent tool for Domestic,
Commercial and industrial Electricians.

Works for all cable sizes,
Installation Methods etc.

CableCheck also Available.
No Need to refer to BS 7671.
All correction factors applied
based on selected installation etc.

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