Cache Cleaner - History Eraser



Cache Cleaner - History Eraser is the best cleaner app to delete cache and remove unwanted files and logs from your phone to make your phone perform better.

Top Features:

Clean Cache: Remove the cache and all the residual file left on your phone to clear additional space on you phone SD Card.

Privacy Protector: Protect your privacy by clearing app history. Erase History of Browser, Remove Browser data, Google Search History, Chrome History.

Call Log Eraser: Remove call logs and hide your phone call's protecting your privacy. People peeping into your phone to check your call history? Want to call someone in secret? Erase the call log with Cache Cleaner and History Eraser.

SMS Delete: Delete SMS messages that you don't want others to look at. Protect your privacy with Cache Cleaner - History Eraser.

Best App to clean your phone and protect your privacy.

Now with Cache Cleaner you can schedule the cleanup tasks. Cache cleaner lets you clean cache everyday without ever entering the app. Apps are creating unnecessary cache and taking up space? Now Automate the cleanup.

New Innovative feature to automate cleanup.

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