CacheCleanerPro For Root Users



Cache Cleaner Pro cleans more cache than any other cache clearing app.
If you don't know what root access is, please do not download this app.


☆ Clear cache from ALL apps with one click!
☆ Auto-Clear - Schedule when caches are cleared. Choose from every hour, three hours, six hours, twelve hours, daily or

every two days.
☆ PowerClear - Sweeps through your system and gets common cache from all apps.
☆ Clear some Data - An experimental feature that clears both unnecessary data and data that you may not want on your system

at all times.
☆ Clear cache from SD card - Clears caches from your SD card freeing up precious space without having to browse through each

☆ Cache select - Select which caches to clear.
☆ View internal storage - Shows how much space you have left on your device.

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