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Calcpad Lite is a 9-digits real standard scientific calculator. It's careful design aims to improve user experience. It runs like a real standard scientific calculator. The neat layout provides most commonly used functions of a standard scientific calculator:

- Dual displays
- Quick Tax/Discount calculation button
- Trigonometric functions : sin, cos, tan, sin-1, cos-1, tan-1
- X2, √, Xn
- Common Logarithm (log), Natural Logarithm (ln), ex, 10x
- Factorial (n!), Combination (nCr), Permutation (nPr)
- MOD, %
- Constant PI, e
- Ten Memories (M+, M-, STO, RCL)
- Input and Result History
- Angle Unit (Radian / Degree)
- Normal / Scientific (SCI) / Fixed (FIX) display formats

If you like Calpad Lite, please support further development of this App by upgrading to Calpad to get a 12-digits real standard scientific calculator

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