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CalcTastic is many powerful calculators in one: A full-featured scientific & statistical calculator with fractions and unit conversions. CalcTastic is also Android's ONLY full-featured programmer's calculator.

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What does the full version include that the free version doesn't?
- Fractions
- Full Landscape Support
- 7 Premium Themes (12 total)
- Android's ONLY full-featured Programmer's Calculator

- Algebraic, Sequential or RPN input methods
- Postfix notation
- Expression or Stack Display
- Expression History with 20 records
- Calculator Stack with 50 registers
- Memory with 10 registers
- 12 high-quality themes
- Copy and Paste
- Configurable numeric display (decimal point and digit grouping)
- Intuitive long-click feature removes the need to press SHIFT
- Easier to use than an HP 11C / 15C

- Fractions and Fraction Calculations
- Convert Decimals to Fractions
- Degree/Minute/Second Conversions
- Standard, Scientific, Engineering and Fixed Decimal Notations
- Configurable Precision from 0 - 12 digits
- Table of 44 Physical Constants
- Over 210 different conversion units across 14 categories
- Trig functions in Degrees, Radians or Grads (w/ hyperbolic equivalents)
- Conversions between Degrees, Radians and Grads
- Natural and Base-10 Logarithms
- Percent and Delta Percentage
- Mod(Remainder), Absolute, Ceiling, Floor and Round operations

- Factorial and Gamma Functions
- Combinations and Permutations
- Random Number Generator (random decimal or random in given range)
- 15 Single-Variable Statistics commands operate on all stack entries
- Quantity, Min, Max, Range, Sum, Median
- Arithmetic Mean, Geometric Mean, Mean Squared
- Sum Squared, Sum of Squares of Variance
- Sample Variance, Sample Standard Deviation
- Population Variance, Population Standard Deviation

- Binary, Octal, Decimal and Hexadecimal display and conversions
- 100% support for all common integer-sizes (8, 16, 32 and 64 bit)
- Every integer-size is supported in both SIGNED and UNSIGNED modes
- Calculation History viewable in all four bases
- Conversion casts between any two integer-sizes
- Dedicated binary-bit display for all 64-bits
- Instant access to toggle any binary bit
- Bitwise logic operations AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR
- Bitwise shift operations (correctly differentiates between SIGNED and UNSIGNED right shifts)
- Roll Left and Right for quick number entry
- 1's and 2's complement. Native interpretation is 2's complement
- Byte and Word flipping (ie LSB and LSW display)
- Random Number Generator (random bits at any integer-size)

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Recently changed in this version

- Fixed crash in FROYO when pressing Decimal.

Comments and ratings for Scientific Calculator
  • (77 stars)

    by Jonathan Baikie on 04/07/2013

    excellent app. so easy to use, i would recommend to everyone.

  • (77 stars)

    by Charles Burd on 18/06/2013

    Efficient rpn calculator with lots of cool conversions and constants.

  • (77 stars)

    by Frank Ivie on 11/05/2013


  • (77 stars)

    by John Hawkins on 29/04/2013

    I tried a few calculator apps and this was the best for me. One feature request. At the moment, when an operator is pressed, x: is pushed to y: but the value is also retained in the x: register. Although x: is over-ridden by whatever is entered next, it can be distracting. I would prefer that (via an optional setting), x: was zeroed as soon as it was pushed to y:

  • (77 stars)

    by Mordecai Gaston on 20/04/2013

    It feels great to have a great scientific calculator on my phone to that allows me to do much of what I need to do. Thanks for this!

  • (77 stars)

    by Guy Howard on 23/01/2013

    I finally found the calculator I've been looking for ever since I bought my first smartphone 12 years ago. Just at the right moment, because my workhorse binary calculator will not work on Win 7. The primary attribute I've been looking for is the ability to input binary with a touchscreen (random access to bits), while displaying 32 or 64 bit data as nibbles. All the rest of the features are im

  • (77 stars)

    by Andy Hanson on 23/12/2012

    If you need a robust calculator with a very solid ease of use, you cannot beat the quality and functionality of this app! I find myself using it daily and I never have any issues with it unlike other calculator apps I have tried in the past. Thanks ShayTastic Software!