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Monitor calls, SMS and data all in the same place. Know which apps are using your mobile data. Know who you talk to and message. This app provides individual totals for your calls, SMS and data usage. With this app, you may prevent unwanted charges to your next bill with its advance monitoring capabilities, saving yourself money.

• Monitor calls, SMS and data usage accurately
• Set your billing cycle so you can monitor your daily, weekly or monthly usage.
• Set limits for your calls, SMS and data usage.
• Ability to set notifications for when you exceed any of your limits.
• If set, automatic notification when you exceed 75% of your limits.
• Set phone numbers to be automatically excluded from your usage for calls and SMS.
• View and monitor usage for calls, SMS and data for this cycle, previous cycle, last 2 weeks plus more.
• Delete all entries from database (Free version) or individually choose to delete calls, SMS or data (Premium only)
• Clicking the icon or heading of a widget will launch the app (Icon or text in the black background).
• Lightweight and efficient. Barely impacts battery life.
• Tested on a variety of devices.

Premium Features
• One time purchase.
• No more ads.
• Set the frequency the app collects your data.
• Backup app databases to the internal phone storage.
• Restore app databases from internal storage.
• Incognito mode.
• Widget Configuration.
• Individually delete calls, SMS or data entries from database.
• Query usage by custom dates.
• Minute pulse.

More on Premium Features

Setting the frequency allows you to have control of how accurate the data potentially is. Although if set on the most accurate of options, the app still barely impacts battery life but you may still want to tone it down.

The backup and restore features allows you to keep your usage data through factory resets or even uninstalls. Backup the databases just before you uninstall or factory reset and when you install the app again it will automatically restore on first run. You can even transfer the backup to another device with this app and restore from it. You may also choose to manually restore the database to a previous backup.

Incognito mode allows you to view the totals without the breakdown. May it be to protect your usage from prying eyes or improve app performance. A password is required to toggle this setting so only you will have access to it. Remember to store the password created in a safe place.

Widget Configuration currently only allows you to set the update frequency of added widgets.

With Minute Pulse you can now set the billable rates of your carrier. Not all carriers charge on a per second rate. They may bill based on every 3 minutes used. If this is the case then you can further fine tune the app to be even more accurate.

If any issues are found please email me with detailed information instead of giving a low rating and I will try my best to fix them.
Suggestions are also welcomed.

Some devices needs to be restarted after first install before widgets can be used.
Compatible only with phones. Tablets not supported as yet.

This app does not use any personal data or usage collected except to provide you with accurate statistics.

This app uses a service to get some data real-time. This service is only active when there is data to be collected. It will not negatively affect your battery life. Please do not end this task manually or by task killers.

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