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NOTE: There is now a new version of this app on the Android Market - search for "Auto Carrier IQ Process Killer" for a version that does all the same as this app, but automatically at device boot time.

Carrier IQ Process Killer will detect and allow you to kill the IQMSD process that runs as part of the overall Carrier IQ logging system. The process will not restart until the next time you reboot your phone. Note that you must have super user installed for this application to terminate the Carrier IQ process as it requires the super user privileges to kill the IQMSD process. For unrooted phones, the app can only detect the presence of the IQMSD process, but can not terminate it.

Note this program does NOT kill all of Carrier IQ. It only stops the IQMSD process that is part of the overall CIQ package. Therefore, other CIQ detectors will still detect the presence of Carrier IQ. Note that it is impossible to completely remove all components of Carrier IQ unless you install a custom ROM and custom Kernel that is free of Carrier IQ.

"Auto Carrier IQ Process Killer" is now available on the Android market. Please search for and purchase this app (for 99 cents) if you want an automatic version of Carrier IQ Process Killer that will kill IQMSD each time your phone is booted.

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