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Automatically categorize all your apps with CatApplus !

Nothing to do !

Just launch CatApplus and immediately browse your apps categorized into 30 available categories from Games, games subcategories, productivity, education, entertainment, tools, media, social !

Folders contain now automatically all your apps, as you downloaded them from the appstore, effortlessly !

Just browse your apps by categories and folders, effortlessly, painlessly! A new amazing, innovative & original organization for your apps list !

Two special categories :

-"Favorite apps" : you can of course change manually categories of apps (export your changes) and thus create bookmarks for you apps : there is a folder for that !
- "All games" : in addition to all games categories (puzzle, racing, cards ...), this category gather in one more folder all of them

You can launch an app at random from any folder, just tap on this folder and select "random" option.
Then, you can share, bookmark, have information, uninstall, hide, move apps ...

CatApplus is a tool and productivity app.

You can launch any category directly from your desktop using shortcuts :
-long click on your homescreen
-choose shortcuts, select "CatApplus" logo
-choose the categories you want to launch automatically: All Games, favorite, Puzzle Games, Education, entertainment, productivity apps ...

For the design, we provide 2 themes :
-an expandable list (faster) : expand categories to see apps
-folders with 9 apps icons inside

For the "Folder" style, we provide great customization with a preset of folders icons you can retrieve from the application (you can apply a style to one or more or all folders in CatApplus):
-the icons are located in CatApplus directory on you SDCard : feel free to add more icons in this directory to apply them directly in the app to match your needs
-feel free to share with us and CatApplus users your creations or publicly available icons you'd like to see in CatApplus

A huge selection of textured background is also available directly from the app (apply wood, wall, roof, water, grass, soil, lines a glance !) : same as above, feel free to enhance the package to match your needs.
We have also in CatApplus basic colors with transparency (see from menu/settings).

■ Automatic categorization of all your applications into natural categories
■ Update/reset categories + automatic update with newly installed or removed apps
■ Manually change categories if you really want to (you can export/import these changes)
■ 2 themes: classic list or folders for categories
■ Custom color & free textures background (folders theme)
■ launch share, bookmark, hide, uninstall apps, hide categories, hide apps
■ launch a random app from a particular category
■ desktop shortcuts
■ import/export apps categories

Apps that cannot be categorized are listed either under "Uncategorized" category or "pending" category.

If you want to reset completely the categories, hit menu/reset (you can import your manual categorization after this step).

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