Cheating dice ;-)



With this dice app you can just win;-)!

Visually, this cube App Lets not differ from a normal dice app. However, with this app additional hidden buttons were installed which only the connoisseur to a win in every game of dice help.

How it works depends on whether one or two dice are active are left and right edges are invisible buttons mounted in an unobtrusive touch to make one of these, the cube is the desired value displays.
(See screenshots)

--- Normal click on the gear icon---
Standard features:
- Set between one and two dice
- Dice sound on and off
- Display of the dice total on and off
- Dice by shaking your smartphone (can also turn off)
- Choose between different designs of dice
- Set multiple backgrounds
- Bilingual German and English

---Long click on the gear icon---
Special Features:
- Enable cheat mode Des (Here the special areas are actively switched)
- Show or hide the sensitive areas
- Passes through a Long click on the gear icon

But be careful! who cheats too often and too flashy can quickly lose its advantage over the other players!
Should you be caught despite the utmost caution, the app can of course without problems as "normal" diceapp just continue to use the cheat mode in "Special menu" (long click on gear icon) to disable.

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