Check the battery capacity



It is possible to migrate directly from the screen display settings on the screen of the app, you can easily change the brightness of the screen or that depending on the amount of battery power, such as time or change the backlight off.

It is also useful during charging, If you started this app, because it is self-explanatory that can charge up to what percentage of current, charge time and put out a screen of this app.

How to spend a lot of time game, phone and mail, more heavy users, who called anxious always, if the remaining battery capacity, who want to change settings such as backlight and the brightness of the screen to the beans, how to repeat the charge frequently such is very useful and to be installed.

To simplify to the utmost limit the features and design, faster to boot, so we reduce the capacity, you can use every day without stress.
So you can install with confidence who can not afford the memory capacity of the terminal, please take advantage of the world.

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