ChinaNet WiFi dialer(beta1)



1. WIFI dial-up client profile
1.1. The client main functions:
1.1.1. 1, the automatic acquisition and preserve WIFI account and password
1.1.2. 2, dial-up landing CHINANET - WIFI
1.1.3. 3, disconnect CHINANET - WIFI
1.2. Free use WIFI business operation:
1.2.1. You can use TianYi his cellphone to send a text message ktwlan# 8 bits 10001, open the password to permanently WIFI account, if you have already opened password, the system will automatically clew you have opened.
1.2.2. You can also apply for WIFI preferential un-ling, please use TianYi mobile write: KTWLANCX sent to 10001, can obtain minimum monthly 30 hours of free WIFI duration.
First use of WIFIClient client
130. First used the client, to reduce the number of procedures, please confirm that the following conditions:
terminal whether to support the WIFI functions?
If I have a  terminal of China telecom TianYi UIM card?
terminal is closed flight mode?
terminal whether has cancelled "disable data network"?
Whether the data access point  terminal for telecom interconnected sky?
terminal environment where whether have cdma network signals?
If the above problems are identified as, then may begin to open the client installation package, carries on the client installed. Under normal circumstances, the program will automatically activated the above setting, the above setting abnormal process is only for reference.
1.4. Of installing packages sources:
1.4.1. The announcement annex save to mobile phone SD card on installation.
1.4.2. From wing up platform download and install, shown below.
1.5. The installation program.
In the above operation right after finishing, through a terminal installer, open WIFI dial-up client installation kits
After the installation is complete, the blank area in desktop arbitrarily long touch, will launch the under-mentioned menu, can be placed to desktop ICONS.

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