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Choice Dialer Plus Free is a hands-free Voice Dialer, with voice confirmation and added commands and options. It confirms commands interactively by voice, making it much safer for driving.

it does not need a data connection (except for dictating texts and emails) and has many configurable options.

"Call Jim Harris at mobile"
"next song"
"shuffle play music"
"Find contact for Ed Bly"
"Send a text to Jay Snow"
"Set my Facebook status" (you can dictate the text!)

This free version also include a short demo period of additional features in the paid version of Choice Dialer Plus: music and calendar commands and dictation for emails and texts.

Most phones running Android 2.2 or later will deliver hands-free Bluetooth headset support. If Android's Voice Dialer works with your headset, so will this app, but it will do more.

Speech recognition in US English only. I'm sorry but I do not have access to other languages. Other English accents will work to a lesser degree.


1. When confirming a command, say "That is correct" rather than "Yes", as the shorter word is often lost in the noise.
2. For best recognition, enter the full names for your contacts, even "Mom" and "Dad".
3. Press "Menu" as the app listens for Help and Settings panels. Not all features are enabled by default.
4. Speak confidently and naturally. Speaking-word-by-word-often-hurts-more-than-it-helps.

1. You need Android 2.2 or later for hands-free dialing over Bluetooth
2. Some phone users report that they need to remove their phone's battery for 5 full minutes before the Bluetooth Voice Dialing works.

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