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Chrome App allow you to quickly access your favorite Website, by clicking the launch icon on Chrome's New Tab page. This application helps you to develop CHROME APPS.

How it works?

1. Just enter app name and url, upload an image for your app, then click Make App. Thats It.
2. One Folder is created automatically in SDcard called 'Chrome_App_Maker'.In it image,manifest.json file and also zip of both file is created.
3.Transfer this zip file to your computer/laptop ,extract it
4.If your want to test your app first. Open the 'Extensions' page from Chrome's Settings menu. Tick “Developer Mode”. Click “Load Unpacked Extension” and select the Chrome app folder. The Web App will be installed on the New Tab page.

Publish: If you are the owner of the domain used by the web app, you can publish your web app to the Chrome Web Store. For further information please visit :

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