Chrome Pony



A quick and easy way to replace the default Chrome-Icon with the Chrome Pony Icon by he4rtofcourage

Simply install “Chrome Pony” or “Chrome Beta Pony” and place it on the homescreen of your Android device.
Tap it and open your favorite browser without missing your favorite pony along the way.

Chrome Pony Icon by
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This application is not related to Google, Google Chrome or the Chromium Project, nor to Hasbro or the My Little Pony Franchise - No copyright- or trademark-infringement is not intended.
"Chrome Pony" and "Chrome Beta Pony" are no stand-alone browsers, they are only a different way to launch them. Do not report issues with "Chrome" or the "Chrome Beta" to me, submit them to the developers of the browsers.

Tags: yki pony kadecia , chrome

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