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This application goes hand in hand with my free WhereAmINow application. The design of this application is for parents with young teenage children who have smart phones and wish to be able to know where they are while out.

The Clandestine Tracker is able to send a customized code to any phone with the push of a single button, and when the other phone receives it, and assuming it has the WhereAmINow application installed, it will send the grid coordinates back. Simply pressing the View the Map button once confirmation appears in a basic pop up message allows the Clandestine Tracker to show the user where the other phone is with a thumb tack upon the map.

Ensure you read the warning when you first install either application!

Knowing the potential dangers of this application, Clandestine Tracker has a few security features that are built into it. First and foremost is the security code. Upon installation of the WhereAmINow application, the owner needs to run the app and decide upon a code. After they hit save and exit, any further use of the application simply shows a map of their current location, unable to edit or change the passcode without uninstalling and reinstalling the entire application. This means that only the person who installed it (the rightful owner of the phone or parent of the child who has it) will know the password and thus able to track the phone at all.
In simple terms, think of it like this, the phone number of the phone with the WhereAmINow application is the username, and the code entered upon initial running of that application is the password. Without both, no one is able to track the phone with this application.

Store the information of up to six different phones in the Clandestine Tracker. A simple push of a button sends the information without the need to type anything.
View a map with a thumb tack of the location of the phone being tracked!
Send a one time tracking message to any phone you have the phone number and passcode for. Great if you are asked to check in on a friend's child if they don't have a smart phone themselves, or if you simply don't want to run the risk of someone finding your phone and being able to recover the phone numbers and passcodes you have.
Nothing shows up on the user of the WhereAmINow application when the request is sent. Completely unaware so as not to bother them or have their friends find out that they are being tracked.
Ensure trust between child and parent if they know that they are able to be checked in on so that perhaps the application will never actually need to be used!
The WhereAmINow application is always able to respond if the phone is turned on, even if the application is not installed.

Sometimes when the request for information is sent, nothing is returned. This is due to the way the WhereAmINow receives its location, either by GPS or Network. If it times out, nothing will be sent back in order to ensure no flooding of messages once received. Simply wait a minute and resend the request and it should work without issues.

Accuracy is anywhere from 50 meters to 2 miles away based on their current location. The application tries to get a GPS location first, but if they are indoors or somewhere remote, it will default to a Network Location which is based on cell towers and thus far less accurate.

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