Clean It Up



This is handy application which is used to wipe out the device data and free the memory space. It is built with Holo Design Light. Following things are cleared using this application.

1. Browser - Browser history and Browser cookies can be erased using this application.

2. Call Logs - Missed, Incoming and Outgoing calls list can be erased using this application.

3. SMS/MMS - Sent, Received, Failed and Draft SMS/MMS can be erased using this application.

4. Search History - Google Play and Gmail history can be erased using this application.

5. Secure Delete - SD Card is wiped out and when SD Card Free Space is selected, SD Card along with wiping out SD Card contents, the free memory is filled with random files and again the whole wiping process is started. This process runs for 3 times making sure that the whole SD card is wiped out and the deleted
photos, files and other such contents cannot be recovered using any forensic tools from SD card.

6. Download Folder contents and Clipboard can be erased.

7. Application Cache and Temporary APK files which are of no use can also be erased using this application.

The cleaning process may take some time, so it is advised to let the mobile be in ideal state and no back button or refresh button is pressed.

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