Clear Browser History



Better than other history eraser apps since this can keep the browser history you don't need to hide and it provides a widget for quick access!

Clear Browser History allows you to clear/clean/erase, save and restore browser history data.
By letting you save browser data and at a later point restore the browser to this saved state you can remove the browser history that should stay hidden and still keep the browser history you still use. Often you can use browser history to more quickly type in a previously visited site, since the browser remembers the site and lets you click to it instead of having to type the whole URL. With other history cleaner og eraser apps they delete all this useful history, but Clear Browser History enables you to keep it!

How to use it?
Simply use the browser as you normally would, and then open Clear Browser History and save the state. Then you can surf and visit sites you wish to stay private such as adult web sites, dating sites or medical sites! After having visited these sites, use the widget or the app to restore the browser history to the saved state or to simply clear the browser history.

Key features
* Clear browser history/searches
* Save browser data state
* Restore browser data to previously saved state
* Configurable widget behaviour
* How-to guide for adding widget to homescreen

Can clear the browser history and searches much like other apps such as
* History Eraser
* HistoryEraser
* Cache Clear
* Clear History
* Market History Manager
* History Eraser +
* 1Tap Cleaner

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