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"Clipboard + Pro" apps "Free Clipboard +" is a paid version without ads. Clipboard + is just the difference between the presence of advertising, is exactly the same function. I do not want ads, I enjoy and support the development, please use the paid version here. Clipboard + free version before purchasing ( that read and verify the operation well, and thank you. [Outline] is pro-clipboard +, IME support mushroom API (Simeji, such ATOK) to work with, and multifunctional clipboard utility applications. Canned calling features, call history feature copy, string conversion, and integration with other applications have the ability. [Function] [1] to enter had been registered in advance boilerplate boilerplate calling function. [2] to select the type previously copied text from the Clipboard History feature copy call history. [4] Convert the string passed to string conversion function from IME (full-width alphanumeric <=> alpha-numeric characters, hiragana <=> Katakana, upper <=> lower, postcode => address, Cana em <-> Kana characters) and enter it. [4] other apps using the string passed to the IME application collaboration features (browser start / e-mail software, Google / Yahoo! Search Rakuten / Amazon / dictionary / Bing / YouTube / Wikipedia / goo, phone calls ) and start. How to call a call from [IME], calls from the Share menu, there's three calls started as a single application. (1) mushroom API call from a call from IME IME is enabled, type a string in the (indeterminate) state, the feature activates the mushrooms. (It's OK to start the mushrooms with selecting the features you want in a text box in a string Simeji) function to start the mushrooms on Simeji, the software keyboard "mushroom (?)" Long a key icon in the Tap. For ATOK, then tap a key on the keyboard icon Long, slide the key icon in the mushroom as it is. If the input corresponds OpneWnn flick, tap the Symbol key to long. (2) call from the Share menu "Select a text browser such as" → "to share how to tap the menu icon" → "to tap the clipboard +" can call a procedure. If you call from the Share menu, and then process the string has been selected to copy the results to the clipboard. To return to the caller, such as the back button to return please. (3) When the application starts as a normal stand-alone unit started to process the text in the clipboard to copy the results to the clipboard. Maintenance of registration information, including registration and the sort of canned items such as maintenance] [canned registration is done after each administration screen and click the menu button. To record the history of the initial configuration [] copy, the menu "Other" → "Service Management" Please start the service will be. When you update the app, it stops the service, please start the service manually will be necessary. Also, to start the service automatically at startup smartphone's menu, "Other" → "Settings" to "Auto Start Service" Please keep it checked. [Main] - 1.2.1 changelog (2011/7/13) released a paid version without ads clipboard + Ver 1.2.1. Keyword Search - copy and paste, copy and paste, Copy, Paste, shimeji, shimeji, emoticon, emoticons, etc. If you have trouble - Defects - zip code search, blog development ( please comment on.

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