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Is your pool mining sweatshop is too hot and noisy to enter? Or are you out and about and worried that your miners aren't pulling their weight? Then keep tabs on your pool mining workers with this ad supported app. It uses common mining pool site APIs to retrieve your miner stats. It also includes handy exchange and profitability rates from CoinChoose ( so you know where the biggest profits are.

CPM Version P now available, ad & location free if you prefer no ads and/or have a no location requirement.

Simply add a pool description and the pool API URL (including your API key) to view the current status of your mining activities such as:
* Total Hash Rate
* Round shares
* Round estimated earnings
* Rewards to date
* Worker details:
- worker name
- hash rate
Note the actual information displayed is pool API dependent.

Not sure how to work this thing? CPM now includes online help - find it on the main screen menu.

The app works with coin mining pool sites with the supported JSON API format. Some sites currently supported include:
* (Litecoin pool)
* (Litecoin pool)
* (DigitalCoin pool)
* (Feathercoin pool)
* OzCoin (Bitcoin pool)
* (Litecoin pool)
* WDC.COINMINE.PL (WorldCoin pool)
* give-me-coins (Litecoin pool)
* and many others...

*** Yes we try:
>> Is your favourite pool API not working with CPM? Fear not, pop us an email and *if possible* it will be added. It will speed up the process if you can include an anonymised example API result (we care about the structure not the content).
>> Pool admins love changing APIs & URLs: let us know if your pool API is not working anymore.

For pool support requests, general support, feedback or suggestions email support[at]

NOTE: User app reviews gets viewed rarely, but support emails are always read!

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