Color Blind

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    Identify color with the android camera. To use it, take a picture of the object/scene by touching the eye on the app, then select an area on the picture to get the color within the reticle. You can zoom and pan the image to zero in on the area of interest. Zooming can be done with 2 fingers or touch and hold with one finger until you get haptic feadback, then move up or down to zoom or shrink. A double tap will zoom or restore the image.

    The color names are based on a lookup of data of Red, Green, Blue (RGB) pixel information. They are sub-catagorized into groups of basic colors. All colors are not represented in the RGB spectrum and different devices have different color response. You may not agree with the assigned name, but it should be close. If the image is dark, you can try turning on the flash in the app.

    There is no warranty expressd or implied for any use of this application.